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Amped wireless routers are specialized in manufacturing long range wireless routers. They are futuristic, simplistic, and know the importance of high-speed internet connectivity. That’s why they are quite different and stand out from the league of routers. The best thing about Amped Wireless Wi-Fi router is that it gives solid performance even when it is connected to a significant number of devices. Other than that, they are easy to use and compact in design. Hence, if you are looking for a high-performance router, Amped wireless router sits on the top of the list. You may find Amped wireless router a little more expensive than other routers, but they are worth the investment. This high speed isn’t easily found in routers of other brands. Usually, in a general scenario, the more devices you connect to the router, the slower the speed of wifi becomes. Your Amped wireless router, however, is inbuilt with MU-MIMO. MU-MIMO is a Multi-user, multiple-input, multiple-output technology. This allows you to attach as many devices to the network as you want. In our today’s blog, we will learn about the amped wireless setup. Take a look at the method for Amped router setup and note down your queries related to it.

Our Amped Wireless Setup process is a general devices setup process for almost all the Amped routers. If in case you still wish to get personalized setup instructions for your router, call us on our toll-free number or chat live with us.





Method of Amped Wireless Setup

  1. Start with disconnecting your current router from the computer and modem or from a power outlet, if you are using any.
  2. Now turn the power off by removing the power adapter of the modem from the power outlet. In case there is a power backup to your modem, remove it as well.
  3. Connect the Amped router to the Modem. Use the Ethernet cable & connect its one end to the modem.
  4. Next put the other end of the cable into the blue port of the router. You would now be required to switch on the power adapter & insert the power backup back into your modem. Your modem will take few minutes to get started.
  5. Attach Amped wireless router antennas to the connector of the antennas.
  6. Afterwards, attach power adapter to your router power outlet and PWR port.
  7. Get connected to the router’s wifi network.
  8. To move further, open a web browser on your computer or wireless device.
  9. Enter web address http://setup.ampedwireless.com into browser address bar.
  10. In case, login attempt gets failed by using above address, use

Troubleshoot Amped Wireless Router Login

1.Or if you still unable to access the web menu, disconnect all other wireless network & use wired internet connection.

2.Here, he would like to mention one point that Amped Wireless Setup menu doesn’t require any internet connection.

3.Just in case, you are configuring the amped wireless router for the first time, the setup wizard will load by default.

4.Not to forget & check Router Antennas. Are they attached properly or not?

5.Once the setup wizard screen gets load, click on the Setup Wizard button.

6.You can also configure your Amped router manually.

What Amped Wireless Router Web Menu Dashboard

By the time, you complete Router Setup Wizard web address http://setup.ampedwireless.com takes you to the Router Dashboard. Amped Wireless dashboard is a place where you get lots of information regarding your router settings and internet connection. So, if you wish to make any changes to your Amped wireless settings, access Amped Wireless Router Web Menu Dashboard. You can personalize settings such as

Enable or disable guest networks.

Control devices connected to the Router Network

Enable Or Disable Website Blocking Option

Or if you want to look into advanced setting of the Amped Wireless Router, click on More Settings. It will navigate you to the Router configuration menu.

If you face any issues regarding setup, You can take help from the chat agent.

Security Features in Amped Wireless Router

AmpedWireless Routers make sure your Network remains Secured with Security Features. Amped Wireless Router has Number of Security Features. So that, Amped Router users can control access to their wireless network through Specific user authorizations, wireless coverage control or on/off schedules. We are providing an overview of the Amped Wireless Router security features.

Block Websites: – Now, be sure that your kids or office staff don’t access the websites you don’t want them to access with Block Website Feature.

User Access (MAC Address Filtering):- Now, It’s in Amped Wireless Router User hands, if they want to permit or block particular users while connecting to the network. You can block devices from their MAC address which is a 12-digit hex number.

User Access (IP Address Filtering):- If you are concerned about your network security, IP Address Filtering is a feature for you. In this, you can block network or internet access to particular IP addresses on the network.

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